Message From The Board Chairman

Dan MimsGreetings Friends and Supporters
of San Jacinto College,

As a member of the community served by San Jacinto College, I assure you that the Board of Trustees of San Jacinto College weighs heavily every decision we make. As taxpayers, we are conservative and careful about the impact of our decisions on our community and our taxpayers.

San Jacinto College has a 54-year history in our community and brings great value to our region. Even if you or a family member are not currently a student here, you benefit by having San Jacinto College in your backyard. San Jacinto College is at the heart of the industries that drive both the Gulf Coast and national economies. We aim to improve the community by helping students discover their educational pathways, and achieve their dreams and goals. We ultimately see this resulting in people having the skillsets to be employed in good-paying jobs and careers.

Our philosophy is that if our students do not succeed, we do not succeed. Part of that success is ensuring that we have the right facilities and environment for teaching and learning. As we look toward the future, it is imperative that we update the College infrastructure. We are now 54 years old, technology has changed, and many of the systems are at life end and inefficient. We must upgrade our safety, access, and security systems for our students and employees. We also plan to build new facilities and update the old ones, so that we have the “right” space, technology, and learning environment to help students succeed. We must provide up-to-date training spaces and replicate work environments that students will experience after graduation.

The Gulf Coast region is seeing industry growth and expansion, as well as a retiring workforce. This means that San Jacinto College must stay relevant to meet the changing needs of our industry partners and workforce demands. We must be committed to continuous improvement, and I ensure you that we are. We continue to assess and analyze our operations and key performance indicators to identify areas for improvement, growth, expansion; or sunset; as well as review trends and data to determine our focus for the future.

The value of a certificate or associate degree is real and tangible, leading to a higher earning potential. It prepares students to accelerate their career goals and aspirations. A credential from San Jacinto College allows students to take their education and earning potential to the next level. This potential is why we do what we do at San Jacinto College.

In each of the last three years, San Jacinto College awarded more than 5,000 certificates or associate degrees, more than doubling the number of graduates from eight years ago. This is no accident. This is a testament to the hard work and dedication of my fellow Board members, the San Jacinto College administration, and our faculty and staff who are dedicated to seeing our students succeed.

I’m excited about the future of San Jacinto College!


Dan Mims
Chairman, San Jacinto College
Board of Trustees