About the Payroll Department

The payroll department is committed to providing accurate and timely compensation to employees in a manner that is cost efficient to the college. We strive to deliver personalized customer service to our college community, while focusing on future processes and service enhancements.

General Information
Employee Self-Service for W-4
Employee Self-Service for W2s & 1095C Electronic Consent
2022 W2 Notice and Instructions to Employee

Web Time Entry
Part Time Employees
SOS Web Time Entry for Part-Time Employees [Handbook]

Full Time Non-Exempt Employees
SOS Web Time Entry for Full Time, Non-Exempt Employees [Handbook]

Web Time Entry Approvers
SOS Web Time Entry for Approvers [Handbook]

Leave Reporting
Full Time Exempt Employees Monthly Leave Reporting [Handbook]

Monthly Leave Reporting Approvers [Handbook]

Approval Routing
Proxy Set-Up [Handout]

Payroll Forms

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Adjunct & Overload Absence Form

Late Submission Leave Reporting Form

Adjunct Hourly Timesheet

Adjunct Professional Development Timesheet

Instructor Overload Hours Form

Payroll Approval Routing Form for Monthly Leave Reporting and Bi-weekly Web Time Entry

Request for Payment

Substitute Instructor Form

Summer Camp Instructor Timesheet

TRS Retirees (Working After Retirement)

2022 - 2023 TRS Working After Retirement Monthly Time Sheets

2022 - 2023 TRS Working After Retirement Half Time Hours Chart

Payroll Calendars

2022 - 2023 Monthly Payroll Dates

2023 - 2024 Monthly Payroll Dates

2022 - 2023 Monthly Leave Reporting Schedule

2023 - 2024 Monthly Leave Reporting Schedule

2022 - 2023 Bi-Weekly Payroll Dates

2023 - 2024 Bi-Weekly Payroll Dates

Summer 2023 Instructional Payroll Schedule (Adjuncts and Overload Pay Schedule)

Payroll Policies & Procedures

Policy III.3001.C, Payroll
Procedure III.3001.C.a, Payroll

Procedure III.3001.C.b, Payroll Under and Overpayments

Policy III.3001.I, Overtime/Compensatory Time

Procedure III.3001.I.a, Overtime/Compensatory Time

Meet the Staff

Dena Carlson
Payroll Manager

Lisa Swafford
Assistant Payroll Manager

Tina Erdman
Payroll Specialist
(281) 998-6150 ext. 2512

Caryn Hays
Payroll Specialist
(281) 998-6150 ext. 6309

Amanda Piggott
Payroll Specialist
(281) 998-6150 ext. 2511

Daphne Gonzalez
Payroll Specialist
(281) 998-6150 ext. 6422