Office of Grants Management


The Office of Grants Management (OGM) contributes to the academic mission of the College by providing assistance with grant research, identifying funding resources, developing grant proposals to enhance the College’s strategic goals and priorities, overseeing grant compliance, and managing finances for grant awards. 

Grant Management Process:


OGM supports the College’s vision, mission, and values by pursuing external funding for San Jacinto Community College District (SJCCD) programs that promote student success and completion, workforce and economic development, collaboration, and innovation. The active SJCCD grant portfolio consists of Federal, State, and corporate awarded funds for use in supporting the following objectives:

  • Academic Support

  • Camps/Workshops

  • Community & Public Service

  • Emergency/Disaster Recovery & Safety

  • Employment & Training

  • Equipment/Capital Improvement

  • Facilities & Construction/Renovation

  • Institutional Support

  • Outreach

  • Professional Development

  • Program and Curriculum Development

  • Research

  • Student Aid/Scholarships

  • Student Support Services