Procedure 3-23: Naming College Facilities and Academic and Support Entities

Approval by the Board of Trustees for San Jacinto Community College District (“College”) is required before the naming of any college property pursuant to Board Policy VI-S Policy on Naming College Facilities and Academic and Support Entities.  Generally, College property and entities shall be named based on the major functions of the facility or academic and support entities. At times, the Board of Trustees may recognize individuals, corporations, and organizations that support the College’s mission and vision and have contributed to the measurable good of the College by providing a naming opportunity. 

These procedures establish the criteria to guide the process for such naming opportunities at the College.  The final authority for any naming, memorial, or tribute decision rests with the Board of Trustees.

1)   Procedures for Naming Tributes:

a)     Gift Related Naming: The primary consideration for naming College facilities and academic and support entities is given to individuals or organizations that make monetary contributions to the College or Foundation. Accordingly, a gift related naming occurs when a donor makes a monetary contribution to the College or the Foundation and is recognized with a naming.

  1. Specific contribution levels may be established with either fixed or minimum dollar amounts or significant monetary contributions to actual cost for construction or renovation, if any, or towards a fundraising goal.
  2. Proposals for gift related naming should comply with minimum gift levels defined in section 2 but consideration will be given to proposals outside minimum contribution levels with other considerations identified such as location, architecture, character, and prominence of the building or space.
  3. Pledges related to gift related naming must be paid at 75% of the committed and agreed upon amount prior to any signage, public announcement, or publicity. 
  4. Amounts for these naming opportunities shall be reviewed periodically by the Chancellor, College Board of Trustees, and the Foundation Board of Directors.

b)    Honorific Naming:  On occasion, the Board of Trustees may determine a naming opportunity should be bestowed on an individual, corporation, or organization providing a combination of significant financial support and distinguished contribution of time or talent that has had a noteworthy positive impact on the institution. Normally, such contributions will occur over an extended period of years but may also include an unusual or heroic activity during a shorter period of time.

  1. Generally, a period of not less than two years shall lapse between the end of the individual or organization’s service to San Jacinto College and consideration by the Board of Trustees.
  2. Naming opportunities are limited and a very high standard should be applied in nominating honorees.  Individuals whose nominations are based merely on professional achievements and /or long service that, while unusual or laudable also are shared by significant numbers of other employees or volunteers, should be recognized in some other, more appropriate way such as memorials or scholarships.

2)    Procedures for Gift Related Naming based on Monetary Contributions:

Commemoration Opportunities

Gift Minimums and Ranges

New building, center,  or major renovation

Minimum 25% of cost of construction

Existing building

$1,000,000 minimum

Building wing or floor

$500,000 minimum

Athletic facility or field

$250,000 minimum

Major lecture hall, teaching theater, laboratory, or similar building feature

$25,000 minimum

Auditorium, theater, entrance hall, portico, lobby, or similar major building feature

$50,000 minimum

Classroom or laboratory space

$15,000 minimum

Conference Room

$20,000 minimum

Restaurant, Bookstore, Art Gallery

$50,000 minimum

Fountain, garden, bell tower, benches, other architectural features

$10,000 minimum


$10,000 minimum

Endowed Chairs

$50,000 minimum

Endowed Scholarships

$25,000 minimum

Divisions, Departments, Centers, Academies, Institutes, and Programs

$25,000 minimum

Other Areas or Initiatives

To be determined as needed

a)     This list may not be all inclusive and will be reviewed for currency periodically.

3)    Permanency of Names:

  1. When a gift from an individual or family is involved, a facility ordinarily will receive a designation that shall last the lifetime of the facility, subject to section 3 (c) of this procedure.  The terms and conditions of the designation, including the name to be displayed and expected duration of the designation, shall be specified in a written agreement between the College and the donor.

i)     Demolition or significant renovation shall terminate the designation.

ii)    In the case of demolition or significant renovation, the individual or family involved in the initial naming may be offered an opportunity to retain the naming before any other naming gifts are considered.

b)    When a gift from a corporation or organization is involved, the corporation or organization may be eligible to purchase a naming license for a period of time to be negotiated between the College and the donor. The terms and conditions of the designation, including the name to be displayed and the expected duration of the designation, shall be specified in a written agreement between the College and the donor.

c)     In the event that a donor engages in conduct that would bring dishonor or undue adverse publicity to the College, or in the event that a corporate donor ceases to exist as a going concern, the College reserves the right to revoke the naming opportunity or designation. 

4) Nominating Process:

  1. Proposals for naming should be submitted to or prepared by the Executive Director of the Foundation, who will then collaborate with college leadership and the executive committee of the Foundation Board to submit a proposal for review, input, and approval by the appropriate college personnel and Chancellor. Prior to the final request for approval, the Chancellor will collaborate with the Strategic Leadership Team.  If deemed appropriate, the Chancellor may establish a review committee of employees and students.
  2. Nominations for naming rights will be reviewed with the College’s legal counsel.
  3. The Vice Chancellor of Fiscal Affairs will conduct a review with emphasis on the costs associated with granting the naming rights including necessary legal or insurance expenses, facility preparation and maintenance expenses, signage costs, etc.
  4. The Chancellor approved proposal will be presented to Board’s Building and Finance Committees. Final approval rests with the College Board of Trustees with action taken at a public board meeting. 

5) Authority and Approvals:

  1. Prior to approval, the College Board of Trustees shall have reasonable assurance that:

 i)     The proposed name shall bring additional honor and distinction to the College.

ii)    Any philanthropic commitments connected with the naming shall be realized.

  1. The Chancellor, upon advice and consent from the College Board of Trustees, may require that a background check be performed on a donor (living or deceased) or designee based upon particular facts and circumstances.

i)     The donor, donor’s executor, or designee shall be required to sign an authorization allowing the background check, if a background check is determined to be necessary.

  1. The Chancellor, in collaboration with the Foundation and the College’s communications and facilities departments, has the right to:

i)  Determine content, timing, location and frequency of any public announcements associated with the gift.

ii) Approve the color, design, and size of any physical marker that provides information about the designee or donor and/or the nature of the gift or honor.

iii) Determine and carry out the exact nature of any ongoing care and maintenance of any memorial or tribute gifts or their physical markers.

  1. The final authority for any naming, memorial or tribute decision rests with the Board of Trustees.
  2. The items set forth in these procedures shall not be deemed all-inclusive.
  3.    The Chancellor and/or the Board of Trustees reserve the right to consider any and all factors regarding the privilege of name association with the facilities or academic or support entities of the College as particular acts and circumstances warrant. Decisions will be made consistent with the stated vision, mission, and values of the College.


  1. Agreement:  A written agreement between the College and the donor and, if necessary, the Foundation, shall be prepared to memorialize the terms and conditions of the naming, including, but not limited to, the location, duration, and design. Copies of the agreement shall be maintained by the College’s facilities office and the Foundation office, as deemed appropriate.
  2. Sign Design Procedures:  All interior and exterior signage on college property will conform to the Interior and Exterior Campus Sign Design Procedures and Standards of the College. The procedures control the location, size, materials, and text of interior and exterior campus signage.  Off-campus property signage shall also have the name of the institution incorporated into the name.
  3. Ownership of Gifted or Purchased Items: All named property is property of San Jacinto Community College District.
  4. Confidentiality: Authority for granting naming rights is reserved to the Board of Trustees and its action in this regard must be taken at a public board meeting. Representations, promises, or guarantees by College employees and Foundation employees regarding naming rights and opportunities are not binding on the Board of Trustees.  To the extent permitted by law, out of respect for the individual, individuals, corporations, or organizations who may be recommended for naming rights or who may be proposing to invest in a particular naming opportunity, the nominating process and deliberations shall be held in confidence until such time as the Chancellor presents a recommendation for naming rights approval to the Board of Trustees.  Any person or persons making a recommendation to the Chancellor or Board of Trustee shall exercise the utmost discretion and caution in communicating with potential donors.  



In making a proposal for the naming of any San Jacinto College (SJC) property, any person or persons making such proposal should exercise the utmost discretion and caution so as not to create any undue expectations on the part of a person, persons, or organization (designee) for whom the proposal is being made.

A proposal does not assure that the requested naming will occur. Accordingly, this form should be submitted in confidentiality to the Executive Director of the San Jacinto College Foundation for consideration by the College’s Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is the only entity with the authority to approve the naming of any San Jacinto College property, and reserves the right to accept or reject naming proposals.

Please answer the following questions:

  1. What is the name of the person, persons, or organization (designee) you are proposing to have SJC property named? (Give full name and nickname if appropriate.)
  2. What SJC property are you proposing be named for the designee (s) you are recommending? (Be specific about location, size, description, campus, and address.)
  3. What justification, based on Policy VI-S, is met by the designee(s) that merit naming? Please be as specific and detailed as possible, citing the specific criteria set forth in Policy VI-S. (Use additional pages if needed.)
  4. Gift History Related to Designee(s):


  1. Have gifts been made on behalf of designee?  Yes/No (please describe)
  2. Is designee the donor? Yes/No
  3. Purpose of the Gift:  Annual     Capital    Endowment   Other (Specify)
  4. Date of Original Commitment:             __________________________
  5. Amount of Total Commitment:            __________________________
  6. Payment terms:                                    __________________________
  7. Total Paid:                                           __________________________
  8. Pledge amount outstanding:                __________________________
  9. Define in detail any special arrangements or expectations the donor may have resulting from this gift.
  10. If the gift is other than cash or cash equivalent, explain the method of valuation, and the plan for liquidation.
  11. Attached supporting documents as appropriate.


  1. Provide any additional support or analysis to support request.

Submitted by:

Type or Print Name: ____________________________________________________

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