Procedure IV.4003.A.b, Screening Committee

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Policy IV.4003.A, Filling Vacancies


This procedure specifies the process for forming screening committees and identifies the responsibilities for its members.

  1. Forming a Screening Committee
    The Employment Selection and Hiring Guiding Principles are provided to familiarize hiring leaders and screening committees with the College’s position regarding the hiring process. The guiding principles are located on the Human Resources page of the College website.

    Employment Selection and Hiring Guiding Principles:

    For faculty searches, the department chair (or designee) will select a committee of four to six diverse members. The committee is typically comprised of four faculty members with an academic background and/or expertise relevant to the teaching field, and one staff member. The faculty screening membership will be recommended   to the respective dean, who will either accept the department chair’s recommendation or submit revisions to the respective provost for consideration and the final decision.

    For administrative and staff searches, the respective hiring leader appoints the screening committees. The committee should represent a diverse group of individuals with academic backgrounds and/or expertise relevant to the administrative area.

    The hiring leader should appoint a screening committee made up of individuals who demonstrate a consistent commitment to the College’s core values.

    Screening committee members may not be related to or be engaged in business ventures with persons who apply for the vacant position. A committee member who has a relationship with a candidate, creating or giving the appearance of a conflict of interest, will not be a member of the screening committee. Screening committee members must disclose when such a conflict arises. Upon having knowledge of any potential conflict of interest, the committee chair should discuss the matter with the respective administrator.

    Additionally, an individual who accepts appointment to a screening committee cannot become a candidate for the posted position.

  1. Responsibilities of the Screening Committee Chair
  • The screening committee chair provides guidance to committee members and ensures that the committee follows the appropriate College procedures, as well as state and federal laws.
  • The chair keeps the respective leadership chain and the Human Resources Department apprised of the status of the selection process.
  • The chair may designate other members of the screening committee as “Reviewers/Interviewers.” They have the ability to review applications and make recommendations about a pool of applicants. The chair should make all status changes and record any comments in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
  • The chair will schedule meetings and maintain attendance records for each meeting.
  • The chair, with assistance from the committee members, documents reasons (Final Dispositions in the ATS) for applicants the committee does not select to continue in the interview process.
  • The chair, with assistance from the committee members, establishes job-related questions to ask candidates during the interview process. Additionally, Human Resources has available tools that can aid in the creation of questions for competencies related to the position.
  • The chair or his/her designee schedules interviews with local applicants. Human Resources will provide guidance for scheduling interviews for those candidates who are not local.
  • The committee may use telephone or video conferencing interviews as a screening tool for large pools of applicants.
  • For full-time teaching positions, the chair, with assistance from the screening committee members, determines a teaching topic candidates will present.
  • The chair presents screening committee recommendations to the respective leadership for further interview or consideration.
  • The chair or designee conducts reference checks prior to the job offer. If the committee is considering an internal candidate for a full-time position, the leader must obtain a reference from the employee’s current leader. Human Resources recommends three reference checks, but two checks will be required. Once the chair or designee completes the reference checks, the chair enters a comment in the ATS indicating this step has been completed.
  • The chair, with assistance from the committee members, completes required documentation of the screening and interview process.
  • The hiring leader will retain all documents, including interview notes, and reference documents from the entire interview committee for two years for all applicants interviewed.

The Hiring Leader Checklist is provided as a tool to aid in the adherence to this process. The checklist is located on the Human Resources page of the College website.

  1. Responsibilities of Screening Committee Members
  • Members attend meetings scheduled by the screening committee chair.
  • Members review application materials of all qualified applicants in the applicant pool and assist the screening committee chair in completing all required documentation of the screening and interview process.
  • Members assist the screening committee chair in preparing questions for interviews and in determining the teaching topic applicants will present at the time of interview.
  • Members participate in the interviews of all selected candidates. They will complete and submit to the chair a summary for each candidate interviewed providing a summary of the interview.
  • Members participate in a meeting at the conclusion of the interview process to formulate a recommendation of the top candidates the chair will submit to the respective leadership team.

Human Resources provides the Recruitment Process Efficiencies Gantt chart as a reference to aid in completing the hiring process as efficiently as possible. The chart is located on the Human Resources page of the College website.

  1. Multiple-Campus Hiring

The following process will only be necessary for positions with multiple campus designations. The provosts will be responsible for facilitating this process for positions under their leadership.

In the case that more than one campus is hiring for the same position, representatives from each campus must cooperate to create a preliminary screening committee consisting of members from the different campuses. For all committee members to be able to screen applicants in the ATS, the preliminary screening committee must designate a hiring leader, who will in turn designate reviewers/interviewers (other members of the search committee). This will allow all members of the search committee access to the applications and attached documents. Only the hiring leader can designate the status change finalist for the applicants in the ATS. Once the committee completes the preliminary screening, then further screening, interviewing, and hiring can be completed on the individual campuses.


Screening committee: is an appointed group of individuals whose purpose is: to review application materials for candidates within the Applicant Tracking System (ATS), to select qualified candidates for interviews, to identify the most qualified candidates for each position, and to complete required documentation of the screening and interview process.

Date of SLT Approval

December 4, 2019

Effective Date

March 23, 2020

Associated Policy

Policy IV.4003.A, Filling Vacancies

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Vice Chancellor, Human Resources

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