Procedure 4-16: Overtime / Compensatory Time

Procedure 4-16: Overtime / Compensatory Time (Non-exempt Employees)

Employees may be asked to work overtime from time to time in order to carry out the functions of the college. Overtime will be rotated, when possible, among employees who wish to work overtime. Proper notice will be given, if practicable, whenever overtime is anticipated.

Overtime pay is earned for hours worked over forty during a work week. Hours accounted for under vacation time, court appearances or holiday pay are considered a day worked for purposes of calculating overtime. There is no extra pay for employees scheduled to work Saturdays or Sunday's as part of a work week.

Overtime must be approved in advance and only a supervisor can authorize overtime. Clear and accurate records must be kept by supervisors. Any overtime earned during a pay period must be turned in during that pay period. Time sheets and other records must be kept a minimum of four year.

An employee may elect to be awarded compensatory time in lieu of overtime pay. The choice must be made at the time payroll records are submitted each pay period. Compensatory time off may be taken in collaboration with the supervisor so as to not disrupt the efficient functioning of the college. No more than eighty hours of compensatory time may be accumulated during any fiscal year and any compensatory time earned, but unused by the payroll cut-off deadline in August at the end of any fiscal year will be paid. The fiscal year runs from September 1 till August 31 of the next year.

A non-exempt employee who is "called out" to work outside his or her regular 40-hour work schedule will be compensated for a minimum of two hours or actual time worked, whichever is greater. However, there is no compensation for being "on call" or "on standby" to be called to work.

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 Overtime / Compensatory Time (Non-exempt Employees)



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 August 27, 2015

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