Graduate Guarantee

Chancellor with students

San Jacinto College is so confident of the quality of its instruction that, subject to the special conditions listed below, the College makes these guarantees:

  • Academic students can transfer their academic credit courses to Texas public colleges and universities
  • Technical students will acquire job skills for entry-level employment in their fields.

Subject to the conditions specified below, San Jacinto College guarantees students the transfer of credit to those publicly supported Texas colleges and universities that participate in the College’s Guarantee of Transfer Credit Program when coursework at San Jacinto College is completed in accordance with an approved and properly executed transfer plan.

  1. Transferability means the acceptance of credit toward a specific major and degree.
  2. The receiving college or university must identify courses as transferable in accordance with transfer plans dated 1992–1993 or later.
  3. Limitations of the total number of credits accepted in transfer, grades required, relevant grade point average and duration of transferability apply as stated in the catalog of the receiving institution or in an agreement concerning the transfer of courses between San Jacinto College and the participating receiving institution.
  4. The guarantee applies only to courses taken at San Jacinto College and listed on approved transfer plans. San Jacinto College will not be responsible for courses not applicable to a major due to a change of major by the student.
  5. Students may be required to take prerequisite courses that may not apply to degrees in certain majors. Such courses are not eligible for this guarantee.
  6. To be eligible for the guarantee, the student must file with the Admissions Office on their campus an agreement to follow a written transfer plan. The plan must include:
    1. The name of the institution to which the student plans to transfer
    2. The associate degree, the bachelor’s degree and the major the student plans to pursue
    3. The date the plan was filed
    4. The date shown on the transfer plan

If a student meets the above conditions, but does not receive transfer credit for one or more courses from the receiving institution, the student must notify in writing the provost at his/her campus within 14 calendar days of the notice of transfer credit denial. The provost will initiate the Transfer Dispute Resolution process established by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. If this process does not resolve the course denial, San Jacinto College will develop a plan whereby the student may take, tuition free, a maximum of nine credit hours of acceptable alternative courses within one year from the date the plan was executed. Although tuition for these courses is free, the student must pay for books, fees or other course-related expenses.

Subject to the special conditions listed below, San Jacinto College guarantees that students earning an associate of applied science degree or certificate of technology will have the job skills necessary for entry-level employment in the technical field for which they have been trained. If the employer provides sufficient evidence that the student lacks these skills after completing one of these programs, the College will provide additional skill training, tuition free.

These special conditions apply to the guarantee:

  1. The student must earn the associate of applied science degree or the certificate of technology in a technical program listed in the San Jacinto College Catalog as of the 1992–1993 academic year or later.
  2. The student must complete the degree program within four years or the certificate program within three years. All technical coursework must be completed at San Jacinto College within the specified time period.
  3. The student must be employed full time within 12 months after graduation in an occupation directly related to the specific program completed at San Jacinto College as certified by the College.
  4. The student’s employer must certify in writing that the student lacks the entry-level job skills identified as program-exit competencies by San Jacinto College for the program which he/she completed. The employer must specify the areas of deficiency within 90 days of initial employment.
  5. After the student contacts in writing the San Jacinto College campus where he/she received training, the student and the College will develop together a written educational plan for retraining.
  6. Retraining will be limited to nine credit hours related to the identified skill deficiency and to those classes regularly scheduled during the period covered by the retraining plan.
  7. The students must complete all retraining within a calendar year from the time the educational plan is agreed upon.
  8. Although tuition for this retraining is free, the student must pay for books, insurance, uniforms, fees, and other course-related expenses.
  9. The guarantee does not imply that San Jac into College graduates will pass any licensing or qualifying examination for a particular career.
  10. This guarantee does not apply to competencies taught in courses in which the student earned a grade of less than C, nor does it apply to courses which have been substituted for required courses specified in the degree or certificate program.