Help San Jac Pick a New Mascot

Hello, San Jacinto College Community! Since 1961, San Jacinto College has been the Gulf Coast region’s leader in higher education and workforce training. Additionally, the College’s rich athletics history with nationally ranked basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, and track and field teams has produced 12 national championships and some of the most celebrated professional athletes across several generations.   

Historically, San Jac has revered its original three campus mascots: the Central Campus Ravens, North Campus Gators, and the South Campus Coyotes. Today, with the addition of the Maritime and Generation Park Campuses, we are five campuses strong with multiple extension centers and early college high school programs.

Because we are one, unified College, the time has come to have one mascot that will represent our ever-expanding diverse community of students, employees, and alumni. While we will never forget our celebrated past, we are optimistic on entering a new era with a new mascot.

We need to hear from you! Your input and ideas are important to help make this historic decision for our College. What do you think the new San Jacinto College mascot should be and why?  Tell us why your suggestion represents who are as one San Jac.

Have more than one idea? Great! The submission form will be open from April 4-29, 2022, with multiple submissions allowed using the same link below. We look forward to hearing from you!


Submit Your Mascot Idea



For Fall 2023 Implementation

Jan. 2022
• Committee members chosen/invitations accepted

Feb. 2022
• Committee members meet to discuss and create student and employee mascot idea submission
• Review current mascot research (Region XIV, feeder high schools, transfer institutions)

March 2022
• Committee members finalize student/employee idea submission process
• Marketing needs discussed & communication plan created

April 2022
• Student/employee mascot idea submissions opens
• Marketing needs and communication plan finalized

May 2022
• Mascot submissions close (first week of May)
• Mascot idea submissions discussed; top ideas finalized

June 2022
• Top 3-5 list (based on committee picks) submitted to SLT and Board
• SLT and Board choose Top 2 or 3 for voting
• Marketing begins creating mascot renderings for Top 2 or 3 for voting and building voting webpages

July 2022
• Chancellor records video mascot announcement message (1 per choice since no winner chosen yet)

Aug. 2022
• Marketing finalizes mascot renderings and voting webpages completed

Sept. 2022
• Voting opens/closes to students/employees/alumni
• Votes tallied; mascot winner submitted to committee and Chancellor

Oct. 2022
• Chancellor announces new mascot at board meeting (with video); video is used for student and
employee announcements
• Marketing begins working on final brand concepts for mascot and athletics branding

Jan. 2023
• Marketing submits initial proof of mascot and athletic concepts to committee
• Committee reviews and submits suggestions

Feb. 2023
• Marketing submits final proof of mascot and athletics concepts to committee
• Committee approves and submits to SLT

March 2023
• SLT approves final mascot and athletics branding
• New mascot with complete design package announced (TBD press conference)

April 2023
• Begin branding implementation
o Athletics uniforms designs chosen by coaches
o Athletics fields/facilities updates begin
o Athletics websites updated
o Mascot uniform/costume ordered
o General mascot swag ordered for student giveaways
o Bookstore mascot swag ordered

May 2023
• Mascot graphic/s for graduation

Summer 2023
• Final athletics facilities updates completed
 o Athletics uniforms designs chosen by coaches
 o Athletics fields/facilities updates begin
 o Athletics websites updated

Fall 2023
• Committee meets to review all implementation items/communication plans to see what is still ongoing
and/or has been completed
• Full mascot implementation is completed

Fall 2023 Mascot Events (TBD):
• Welcome Week 2023 events/Meet the Mascot
• SEA events
• Recruiting events at high schools
• Fall commencement (Mascot grad selfie station)
• Regular appearances on social media

Spring 2024 Mascot Events (TBD):
• Welcome Week 2024 events
• Baseball home opener (family night/Meet the Mascot)
• Softball home opener (family night/Meet the Mascot)
• SEA Spring Fling campus events
• Spring commencement (Mascot grad selfie station)
• Regular appearances on social media