Hello, San Jacinto College Community! Last spring, we asked our San Jac students, employees, alumni, community members, industry partners, and donors for ideas on what our new mascot should be and why. We received more than 1,300 responses with great ideas. The College’s mascot selection committee reviewed each of the responses, and the two mascot ideas that were mentioned most were the Raven and Jaguar.

Mascot Designs

Below you will find illustration examples of the new Raven and Jaguar. These examples only reflect the design style for the Raven and Jaguar, and the final design may have adjustments after the winner is selected. As a reminder, you are casting your vote for either the Raven or the Jaguar to be the San Jacinto College mascot- not on an individual design. You will also find narratives that correspond to each choice noting why it was selected and how it will represent the College based on comments received from the ideas that were submitted.

Your vote matters

Your vote is important to help make this historic decision for our College. Please cast your vote by clicking the “Vote Here” button below. Voting is open Sept. 12-Oct.14, 2022. One vote per person only. Scroll down to see illustration examples and read the stories behind the Raven and Jaguar mascot choices. The new San Jacinto College mascot will be announced later in fall 2022/spring 2023. Thank you for voting!


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Raven Mascot

Raven Mascot

Biologists tell us that ravens are a diverse genus of birds from all parts of the world. Raven species vary in size and plumage, but they are extremely intelligent, can imitate human speech (hence the choice of bird for Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem), and they love to play. This loyal bird forms strong bonds with other young ravens until they find their partner and mate for life.

The raven was chosen by students more than 60 years ago as San Jacinto College’s original mascot. Selected as a nod to General Sam Houston, “Colonneh,” which translates to “The Raven,” was the name given to him by the Cherokee Nation, with whom he lived with twice throughout his lifetime. Houston later led the Texas Army at the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836.

San Jacinto College’s rich athletics history has grown to include nationally ranked basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, and track and field teams winning 12 national championships overall. Additionally, the College’s athletics programs have also produced a number of professional and Olympic athletes.

Ravens are also said to represent resourcefulness, wisdom, adaptability, and opportunity. The new Raven will serve as an opportunity for rebirth and new traditions while connecting students, employees, alumni, and community to the glories of our past.


Jaguar Mascot

Jaguar Mascot

In pre-Columbian times, the jaguar roamed the Americas in vast numbers. This large cat, exceeded in size only by the lion and tiger, was a sacred animal to several ancient civilizations. Strength, skill, power, courage, patience, and agility all describe attributes of the Jaguar. As the new mascot for San Jacinto College, the Jaguar would usher in an era transformation, courage, perseverance, and strength.

These same characteristics can also describe the students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni of San Jacinto College. Whether they are first-time-in-college students; new graduates entering the workforce or transferring to a university; faculty, staff, and administrators who relentlessly break down barriers to student success; or alumni who pay it forward by contributing to a scholarship fund - Jaguars represent the courage, strength, and persistence each possesses on every step of their personal and professional journey.

Naturally, the stealth, skill, and strategy the Jaguars are known for also speak to our student athletes who bring that same competitive spirit to each game.


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Since 1961, San Jacinto College has been the Gulf Coast region’s leader in higher education and workforce training. Additionally, the College’s rich athletics history with nationally ranked basketball, baseball, softball, volleyball, soccer, and track and field teams has produced 12 national championships as well as professional and Olympic athletes.

Historically, San Jac has treasured its original three campus mascots: the Central Campus Ravens, North Campus Gators, and the South Campus Coyotes. Today, with the addition of the Maritime and Generation Park Campuses, we are five campuses strong with multiple extension centers and early college high school programs.

Because we are one, unified College, the time has come to have one mascot that will represent our ever-expanding diverse community of students, employees, and alumni. While we will never forget our celebrated past, we are optimistic on entering a new era with a new mascot.