Cash for College

This is a great time to enroll in college! San Jac has several grants available, based on student type. Check out which grant is best for you.


Fast Track

San Jac is offering 100% tuition discounts for our Fast Track programs, for both credit and noncredit certificates.

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Two female students smiling while looking at a notebook

Available for all graduating high school seniors in the San Jacinto College taxing district.

Teacher and children in childcare

San Jac can help you pay for child care while you are currently enrolled in classes.

Finish Line student and instructor

Available for former students who attended prior to Fall 2020, and were impacted by COVID.


Female student celebrating

For current and incoming students. These scholarships are awarded each fall and spring semester to help pay for tuition and course-related books and supplies.

Maritime student in captain's chair

A need-based grant for maritime students 18 years or older. 


More Opportunities

Our Carl Perkins Grant lets you get reimbursed for childcare, transportation and parking if you're a student enrolled in health career or technical programs. Reimbursement funding is also available for clinical health requirements such as immunizations, physical exams, CPR certification and more.

Assistance Programs

The Tuition Assistance Program and Book Assistance Program can help students with extenuating circumstances. These require a recommendation by San Jacinto College staff.