TSI for Another College

Proctored TSIA2 testing for students attending another college or university.


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You should speak with your institution to discuss your test requirements and determine the best test opportunity for you. Your institution will create a remote testing voucher at the San Jac Testing Center of your choice. Once you receive the voucher, you can schedule an appointment. Appointments are not available January and August.

Some institutions require Testing staff to complete a proctor agreement form. You can submit this form with your appointment if required.

We will make every effort to meet your testing needs, but some institutions may have additional testing requirements that we cannot fulfill. We will review and confirm any issues with your institution, then notify you whether we can or cannot proctor your test.

We can only proctor your test per the instructions provided by College Board and your institution. San Jac cannot provide testing accommodations that you may receive through your institution's accessibility services team. Please speak with your institution to determine the best way to meet your accommodations.


Click on the above gold Test With button for your campus to schedule an appointment.

The TSIA2 is not timed and allows breaks, but your institution may have other timing guidelines that you must follow.

When you're ready to test, be sure to have:

  • Your government-issued photo ID (driver's license, passport, etc.)
  • an approved ID per your institution guidelines (if required)
  • $20 for the proctoring fee

If you need to retest, speak with you institution to learn more about their retest policy.


Click on the above gold Test With button for your campus to schedule an appointment.

San Jac Testing Centers have a responsibility to faculty, staff and the community to maintain testing integrity and appropriately respond to any infractions that may occur. We administer TSIA2 and other Accuplacer tests in accordance with policy, rules and guidelines set forth by the College Board and Accuplacer platform. We also administer these tests in accordance with any additional policy, rules and guidelines set forth by the institution providing the test. Specific details vary per institution and test, and Testing Center staff will review as examinees arrive to test.