Procedure 4-3: Incorrect Salary Placement

Procedure 4-3: Incorrect Salary Placement

It is the employee's responsibility to confirm that their salary is correct through the regular review of documents provided. These documents include the monthly check stub showing the gross and net pay each pay period along with employment contracts and salary letters created on an annual basis at the beginning of a fiscal year.

If, through audit or other review, an error in salary calculation is found, an analysis will be completed and given to the employee/president/vice chancellor.

Upon verification, the individual's salary will be corrected to the actual salary amount. In the event of an overpayment of salary, he employee will be required to repay the District over a period equal to the duration of the error, but not for a period longer than one year.

An employee who has been negatively impacted by an incorrect salary (lower than the proper amount) shall have a salary adjustment made as soon as possible retroactive to the time the error occurred, but not longer than one year. No interest will be given for the retroactive amount.

These guidelines are intended only to correct salaries deemed to have miscalculations due to increases, job changes, or salary reclassification due to further education. Incorrect retirement or benefits deductions (insurance and similar benefits) will be handled as soon as discovered and will be rectified with either a payment to the employee, where an overpayment has occurred, or a payment plan between the employee and the payroll office where an underpayment has occurred.

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 Incorrect Salary Placement



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