Procedure IV.4003.B.a, Transcripts, Licenses, and Certificate

Procedure IV.4003.B.a, Transcripts, Licenses, and Certificate

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Policy IV.4003.B, Transcripts, Licenses, and Certificates


This procedure specifies the process for submitting transcripts, required licenses and certificates, and updates to employee records at San Jacinto College (“the College”). This procedure applies to all employees.

Required transcripts, licenses, certificates, and any other proof of credentials and qualifications must be on file with Human Resources office.

  • Transcripts: Every effort should be made by all employees to provide the College with required transcripts by the first day of employment. Copies of transcripts will be accepted until the official transcripts are received. When the official transcripts cannot be provided by the first day of employment, employees will have until the end of the first semester worked to provide official transcripts to the Human Resources office.
  • Licenses and Certificates: When a job description requires a valid license or certificate, copies of these documents must be on file in the Human Resources office prior to the first day of employment.
  • Work Experience: When a job description requires prior work experience, verification documents must be obtained prior to the first day of employment.

Until these documents are submitted, an employee will not have any contractual expectancy of employment. Failure to provide these documents may result in the termination of the employment relationship.

The College will accept degrees or college courses from accredited, degree-granting institutions of post-secondary education in the United States and its outlying areas which meet the traditional United States Department of Education eligibility requirements.

Degrees or courses from foreign institutions may be accepted on a case-by-case basis and must be evaluated by a recognized credential-evaluation agency with the cost of the evaluation incurred by the employee. A list of vendors approved by the College can be obtained from the Human Resources office.

Any employee who is required, by the respective job description, to hold a valid state license, registry, or certificate in order to meet the minimum qualification for the position and lets the license, registry, or certificate lapse or expire, will immediately become ineligible for employment and subject to immediate termination.

Employees are required to provide updated documentation to keep their files current. The updates may include new official transcripts as well as copies of current documents referred to in the preceding paragraph. Failure to provide this documentation upon request may result in an employee not being considered for future employment or in a proposal for immediate termination.


Credential-Evaluation Agency: A recognized credential-evaluation agency is an agency that evaluates and verifies the authenticity of academic work done for the purpose of further study in the US, immigration, military service, professional licensing, and employment. These agencies offer professional translations by experts in all languages into English and conducts evaluations that can be tailored to the specific criteria requested by individual educational institutions and professional licensing boards.

Valid Licenses/Certificates: Any license or certificate required by the job description of the position in which the individual serves the College. Valid refers to these licenses and certificates being active with the certifying organization and not expired, revoked, restricted, or sanctioned   in any way that would prevent the individual from being qualified in performing the full duties of the position as described in the job description.

Proof of Work Experience: Work experience that is verified through the College’s designated background check vendor to include dates of employment and position(s) held. Work experience may also be verified through other documentation such as a Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement or Form 1099 Miscellaneous Income with redacted confidential information, an employer’s official correspondence on letterhead, or other appropriate documentation to support the employee’s credentials and qualifications as required by the job description.

Date of SLT Approval

April 24, 2018

Effective Date

May 21, 2018

Associated Policy

Policy IV.4003.B, Transcripts, Licenses, and Certificates

Primary Owner of Policy Associated with the Procedure

Vice Chancellor, Human Resources

Secondary Owner of Policy Associated with the Procedure

Vice President, Human Resources