Procedure V.5000.A.a, Auditing Courses

Procedure V.5000.A.a, Auditing Courses

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Associated Policy

Policy V.5000.A, Auditing Courses

Policy III.3001.F Policy on Tuition, Fees, Deposits and Refunds

Policy VI.6000.A, Policy on Student Records


Approval to audit a credit course may be granted to individuals who complete the audit application with the Admissions office on each campus. 

  • Course auditors (including senior citizens) must enroll for the course after the first class meeting during the official registration period but before the second class meeting.
  • Not all courses are available to audit. Courses that have met the maximum occupancy cannot be audited. Continuing & Professional Development (CPD) or non-credit courses are not available to audit.
  • Students must meet all prerequisite and skill level requirements for the course being audited.
  • Financial Aid does not cover the cost to audit a course.
  • Students must purchase the required materials, including books, for the course.
  • Audit students will have access to all building services and technology, including Blackboard and SOS.
  • Audit students must obtain a student ID from the Admissions office and a parking permit from the Business office.
  • Audited coursework will be posted on the transcript with a grade of “AUDIT.”
  • Audit students are required to conform to the same conduct in the classroom and on campus as credit students and must comply with the policies, rules, regulations, and generally accepted practices of the College (see the Student Handbook and the Code of Student Conduct).
  • Audit students must pay the same day they register, either in full or by enrolling in a payment plan, if available, at a campus Business Office. Tuition is based on residency status. The General Service Fee will apply to all students as a one-time fee per semester.
  • Refunds for dropping an audited course will follow the same schedule as the regular refund schedule. Please see the Admissions office for assistance in dropping an audit course.
  • Senior citizens 65 or older may audit a credit course without paying for tuition, but they must pay all applicable fees, including the general service and related lab fees or incidental fees.


Audit a Course: The ability to take a course without the benefit of receiving a grade or credit for the course.

Date of SLT Approval

August 6, 2018

Effective Date

October 2, 2018

Associated Policy

Policy V.5000.A, Auditing Courses

Policy VI-P Policy on Student Records

Policy V-H Policy on Tuition, Fees, Deposits, and Refunds


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Deputy Chancellor and College President

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Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Services