Program Information

Do you love food? Do you enjoy cooking? Do you have a taste for a fast-paced, high-energy career in the kitchen? Do you dream of being the next celebrity chef? If so, San Jacinto College can help your dreams come true! Our program allows you to work within the industry while you build your education. If your ambitions are more specific, you can also choose to specialize as an assistant cook, baker, or baker’s helper, or in basic cooking or specialty foods.

The San Jacinto College Culinary Arts program:

  • Provides basic education and training for cooks and apprentice chefs, and
  • Places emphasis on the development of technical food preparation and service skills, understanding of the principles of food composition, experience in the use of maintenance of professional food service equipment, and basic supervisory skill.
American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission logo

Accreditation by American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC) assures that a program is meeting at least a minimum of standards and competencies set for faculty, curriculum, and student services.

Career Opportunities

The Culinary Arts program can help prepare students for employment in the following areas of the culinary industry:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Private clubs

Earning Potential

Chef and Head Cook: $57,417 per year1

For more information, students may contact North campus at 281-998-6150, x7759.


North Campus

Two-year Program Outcomes

  Graduation Job ACF Rates Graduation Job ACF Rates
Program AY 2018-2019 AY 2018-2019 AY 2018-2019 AY 2019-2020 AY 2019-2020 AY 2019-2020
3CULA 85.70% 80% 0% 80.00% 58.30% 0%
3CULA-C 100.00% * 0% 100.00% * 0%
3CULA-PC 77.80% 62.50% 0% 70.00% 40% 0%
3CULA-RSTR 60.00% 60% 0% 75.00% 100% 0%
4CULA 40.00% 77.30% 0% 27.30% 45.50% 0%
4CULA-C 0.00% * 0% 0.00% * 0%
4CULA-PC 22.20% 100% 0% 41.20% 50% 0%
4CULA-RSTR 33.30% * 0% 33.30% * 0%

*Denotes data is not available