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Achievement of Excellence in Procurement, 2021 Award Winner,

Electronic Bidding and Supplier Management System!

San Jacinto College has launched our new e-bidding and supplier management system. Prospective vendors are encouraged to register by clicking on the link below.

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About Us

San Jacinto Community College District will continue to follow the procurement requirement of OMB Circular A-110 and will utilize the grace period allowed in the Uniform Guidance until the beginning of Fiscal Year 2018.

Contracts and Purchasing Services is responsible for procuring goods and services to sustain, foster, and support the educational mission of San Jacinto College. Our responsibilities include:

  • Facilitate the College’s approximately $150 million of annual Purchase Order spend on construction, equipment, supplies, and services.
  • Provide administration and oversight of the College’s procurement card program
  • Assist departments with sourcing strategies including obtaining quotes and the issuance of formal solicitations, evaluation, negotiation and contract formation in various areas of strategic campus activity.
  • Assist the College departments on appropriate purchasing practices through defined acquisition channels.
  • Provide vendor contact and outreach services which support existing suppliers as well as developing new supplier relationships.

The department also supports the mission of the College by facilitating business contract processing.  This includes, but is not limited to compliance review, analysis, and support for appropriate changes to contracts. To help ensure that business contracts are reviewed and signed by the appropriate personnel, all business contracts and agreements must be routed through Contracts and Purchasing Services.

It is our goal to provide value, quality, and customer satisfaction in our service while maintaining the highest level of professionalism, ethics, and integrity in support of San Jacinto College.

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Ionwave - Electronic Bidding and Supplier Management System

Instructions on registering for Ionwave