What is Open Books?

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Open Books is an initiative to help students save money on textbooks

The Open Books Program is focused on "affordable learning" and works with faculty to identify quality low or no cost resources for students, which allows them to focus on learning and not the expense of textbooks. 

There are three levels of Open Books:

Open Books No Cost – Students will have no textbook costs, as this course uses only free, online, open educational resources.

Open Books Low Cost - Course materials for this course are available for $50 or less.

Open Books Plus - includes the cost of your digital learning materials as an additional course charge on your tuition statement.

Who benefits from Open Books?

The Open Books initiative is designed to benefit students at San Jacinto College. The cost for textbooks, software, and course materials have continued to rise adding to the expense of higher education. San Jacinto College is committed to identifying quality instructional materials for our students to help them to achieve their educational goals without unnecessary costs.

Where do I find classes using Open Books?

All levels of Open Books classes are designated in the SJC student schedules in both SOS and CourseFinder. Additional information about the type of course pops-up when course type.



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