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Calling all High School Student Filmmakers!!!

The 52 Hour Raven Film Contest is a “make a film in a weekend” competition designed specifically for the Greater Houston Area High School students. Founded in 2013 by the new film department at San Jacinto College Central, the contest was envisioned as a fun way to bring top student film makers from around the Greater Houston Area together to learn from and experience the work of their peers.

During the weekend of the event, every team will receive the same prompt (see the prompt link below) detailing the genre, a prop and some lines of dialogue. Each of these elements is required in a completed film. You and your team then have from Friday until Sunday Night, to create a dynamic short film. All creation must occur within the competition period: writing, rehearsing, shooting, editing, graphics, etc.

The Competition is held in January, and participating schools are encouraged to open their video editing labs to students on the Sunday of the Event. Showings of the completed films will be held within two to three weeks after the filming weekend at the campus of San Jacinto College Central Department of Theatre and Film.

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Early Registration


Through January 9th

Regular Registration


January 10th to January 23rd

On Site Registration


January 24th



Awards and Certificates:


52 Hour Raven Film Contest Top Film!!**
52 Hour Raven Film Contest Participant Favorite**
Crowd Favorite (based on votes from the audience)**
Best High School Team Film**
Best Individual Team Film (Members made up from multiple schools)**
Best Actress
Best Actor

**Note: The top film is not eligible to win multiple awards but will have received the highest overall score.


Best Screenplay
Best Cinematography
Best Sound/Lighting
Best Editing
Best Use of the Prompt
Best Ensemble Cast
Other Notable Areas

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Contact Info:

Website – http://arts.sanjac.edu/theatre-central

Webpage – http://arts.sanjac.edu/52-hour

Email – Jessica.McCarroll@sjcd.edu

Phone – 713-754-8412

Fax – 713-754-8419


Jessica McCarroll

Senior Administrative Assistant of Fine Arts

San Jacinto College Central Campus

Phone: 713-754-8412

Fax: 713-754-8419



Dr. Jerry Ivins

Chair of Fine Arts

Department of Theatre and Film

Phone: 281-542-2039

Fax: 281-542-2040



Billy MacTavish

Lead Filmmaking Instructor/Recruiter

San Jacinto College Central

Department of Theatre and Film (Communications)

Phone: 281.542.2079

Fax: 713-754-8419



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Registered Teams!!

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Spring 2014 Prompt

Click Here For Instructions (Prompt) For Each Film


Current List of Submitted Films

List will be announced in January, as they are submitted on Sunday evening.


Spring 2014 Award Winning Films

Award winning films will be announced in Feb. 2014, following the Awards Ceremony.