Public Information Requests

Public Information Requests Overview

San Jacinto College (the “College”), its employees and elected Trustees, are subject to numerous state and federal mandates pertaining to the management of information. The Texas Public Information Act (TPIA) gives the public the right to full and complete information regarding the official acts of public employees, elected Board members, and governmental agencies. This act requires the college to make available for examination and copying all information collected, assembled, or maintained by the College, unless the information falls within a statutory exception.

The Vice Chancellor, External Relations has been designated as the responsible party for receipt of public information requests and questions related to the Public Information Act. The Director of Accounting and Financial Services has been designated as the records management officer.

Upon receipt of a request, the College will respond within 10 business days. The TPIA allows the College to charge for copies of and access to public information. Click here for a Sample Cost Sheet.


How to Request Public Information

While there is no strict form required to request public information, there are certain guidelines that must be met.

  1. Your request must be in writing. Only written requests trigger the College's obligation under the Public Information Act.  
  2. Your request should be for documents or other information that is already in existence. The College is not required to answer questions, perform legal research, or comply with a continuing request to supply future information. The College is not required to create a document, report, or fill out a spreadsheet sent by the requesting party under the Public Information Act. The College will provide data requested except where College policy or statute requires us to withhold the information. 
  3. Requests should be addressed to the College Public Information Officer. Requests made in writing or by electronic mail must be addressed to the Public Information Officer in order to trigger an obligation under the Public Information Act.

San Jacinto College Public Information Officer
Contact Information

Teri Crawford

Vice Chancellor, External Relations
4624 Fairmont Parkway, Suite 210
Pasadena, TX 77504 

Please copy Emily Savino at if sending written request via electronic mail. 

Please call 281-998-6152 for questions and further information. Please note that the College cannot process a verbal request. This number is for handling questions only. 


Information Request Type Details

Please note: Per our November 5, 2018 Board of Trustees Meeting, we are no longer able to provide student emails or phone numbers as part of our student directory information. For further information about the Student Directory Information that is available under the Texas Public Information Act, please visit our Policy and Procedure pages by clicking the links below:


Policy VI.6000.B

Confidentiality of Student Records

Procedure VI.6000.B.a

Confidentiality of Student Records


Attention Military Recruiters & External Colleges/Universities: On 10/24/2019, our Public Information Officer changed the procedures for processing Student Directory Information requests received from Military Recruiters and External Colleges/ Universities. In order for your requests to be processed in a timely manner, please use our Data Request Form located here:

Be sure to include the campus locations(s) and a description of the directory information that you require. (See links above for more information on our Student Directory Information policies.) Once your request is received, you will receive a separate confirmation email.

For details about the Solomon Amendment and FERPA

Those requesting student enrollment verification are directed to the College's Degree/ Enrollment Verification website. Or email the Educational Planning, Counseling and Completion office for further instructions at 

Those requesting student transcripts or other information for the purpose of Background Investigations are directed to the Dean of Compliance & Judicial Affairs at Compliance&  

Contracts: It is our policy to closely review contract requests. Please know that your request may also be subject to review by the Texas Attorney General for an opinion on withholding proprietary or copyrighted information. This process may delay the response to your request. You will be notified of the expected process when confirmed.

Bid Tabulations: Bid Evaluation Summaries for awarded contracts are publicly available on the College website. Please visit the Bidding Opportunities website here:

While Subpoenas are not considered Public Information Requests, the Public Information Officer is the primary processor of Subpoenas for student and employee records at the College.

Subpoenas may be hand delivered or mailed to the External Relations Office at the address Public Information Officer address above. For most Subpoenas requesting student or employee records, we ask that an Authorization to Release Records signed by the student / employee is included with the request. This will ensure prompt processing of your request.

For more detailed information on the College's Public Information Procedures, visit: Procedure 4-10 Public Information Request

For further information about the Texas Public Information Act, please visit the Office of the Attorney General's Website.