Able-Bodied Seaman

Able Bodied Seaman

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Course Length: 40 hours
Price: $900
Prerequisite: None
Recommended: 360 Days Seatime

Able Bodied Seaman is a 5-day class that has extended hours. It is USCG & STCW approved, that provides the student with the knowledge, understanding and proficiency required to work aboard vessels as an unlicensed watch stander.  Professional training includes marlinspike seamanship, inland and international Rules of the Road, proficiency in survival craft operations, deck safety, and basic navigation.

A Student who successfully completes our Able Seaman SANJCC – 1 course within 1 year of application will satisfy the professional examination requirements of 46 CFR 12.401(c)(5) for any national rating endorsement as Able Seaman AND the knot-tying demonstration requirements of 46 CFR 12.405(c) for any national rating endorsement as Able Seaman. - AND- . The following practical assessments performed during this course are considered to be equivalent of National Assessment Guidelines TASK’s, as documented in NVIC 14-14 Guidelines for Qualifications for STCW Endorsements for Able Seafarer – Deck: 2.1.A, 2.1.B, 2.2.A, 2.2.B, 2.2.C, 2.2.D, 2.3.A, 2.3.B, 2.5.A, 3.1.A, 3.2.A, 4.1.A, 4.2.A, 4.4.A, 4.4.B, 4.4.C, 4.4.D, 4.6.B, 4.6.C, 4.8.A, 4.8.B, 4.9.A, 4.13.A, 5.2.A,5.3.A, 5.3.B, 5.4.A, 5.5.E, 5.6.A, 5.6.C, 5.8.A, 6.1.A, 6.1.B, 6.2.A, 6.3.A.