Crash Reports

Effective 4/8/2019 at 7:00 am, Accident reports will no longer be provided to the public by this Police agency.

The general public will be directed to the TXDOT website to purchase accident reports online at

You will be provided the options to purchase a certified report or uncertified report. You may select only one option.

Texas Peace Officer's Report (CR-3) Types

There are two types of reports available for purchase:

  • Certified Report ($8.00) - Report includes documentation that the crash report provided is a true and correct copy of the peace officer's report filed with the Department. This document reflects the signature of the custodian of motor vehicle crash records as well as the official Texas Department of Transportation seal. Certified reports are usually required for legal proceedings, employment verification, etc.
  • Uncertified Report ($6.00) - Report that is not certified