New Faculty Academy

What is NFA?

At San Jacinto College, all new full-time faculty members attend the New Faculty Academy, which is a two-semester program that involves targeted professional development in a structured format. In the first semester, all new faculty attend cohort meetings bi-monthly. Members of the College’s Distinguished Faculty serve as NFA Ambassadors and help plan sessions and facilitate activities. In the second semester of NFA, faculty meet in focused interest groups with experts who deliver training on topics that faculty can directly incorporate into their teaching.

What is NFA Blitz?

An important part of NFA is “Blitz” Week, which is a weeklong onboarding event that occurs the week before the start of the new semester. Blitz includes briefings by human resources, safety, and other staff; instructions on using Blackboard and classroom technology; information about dual-credit students; and advice on teaching strategies, classroom management, and assessments. In addition, the Chancellor and Deputy Chancellor also drop by to chat with our new faculty.