Back-up and Pack-up Procedures are for all employees to secure and prepare individual offices, classrooms and laboratories for a campus evacuation or closure as a result of a threatening event, such as a hurricane or other natural disaster.
Upon notification that a campus evacuation or shutdown has been declared, employees should (circumstances permitting) immediately begin the following:
  • Begin back up of all office and/or lab computers within designated area (Move important files to a network based or cloud drive e.g. “G drive”, “OneDrive”).
  • Unplug computer systems and peripheral equipment such as printers, scanners, etc. from electrical wall outlet.
  • Power off uninterruptible power supply (UPS); depending on mode, turn off switch or press and hold down power button; unplug from wall.
  • Unplug phones from wall network plug; note which cable goes in which wall socket (write on cable for a convenient reminder).
  • Elevate all electrical systems off the floor and place on furniture above ground level.
  • Move equipment away from windows, if possible.
  • Clean out all goods from refrigerators.
  • Lock cabinets or drawers containing sensitive / important information.
  • Once release approval is given, ensure that your area of responsibility is secure and proceed to leave the campus safely.
  • IT and Ed Tech will follow departmental disaster response plans under which they will shut down the computer lab systems and cover equipment appropriately using previously designated personnel.