Bomb Threats
Bomb threats may be received in writing, in person, by phone or relayed through a second source. Persons receiving a bomb threat should immediately notify Campus Police at 5555 from a campus phone or 281-476-9128. A course of action (response) will be determined by the College.
  • If a threat is received by phone, the person receiving the threat should try to keep the caller talking to obtain as much information as possible from the person. Don’t hang up on a telephoned threat. If the caller hangs up, don’t hang up your phone.
  • If the phone has a digital screen displaying the number of the caller, write down the phone number exactly as it is shown.
  • If a threat is made by e-mail, immediately notify SJCD Police providing a copy of the threatening email. Do not delete from the computer.
  • Complete a bomb-threat checklist to include the exact date and time the threat was received, the exact wording of the threat, the estimated age, race, sex and cultural background of the person making the threat. Include your name on the checklist as the person taking the threat. Document any background noises heard on the caller’s end of the line. Provide all information to the Campus Police.
  • A search of the affected premises may be ordered by the Provost or designee. If a suspicious device is located, Campus Police will evacuate the building to a point not less than 500 feet from the suspected device and a perimeter secured around the area. Do not attempt to move or disturb the suspected device. Campus Police will make required contacts for disposal of the device.
  • Time permitting; the Incident Management Team will be assembled to determine a proper course of action.
  • All statements to media sources are made through the Public Information Office.