TDFPSAny person who believes that a child’s physical or mental health or welfare has been or may be adversely affected by abuse or neglect, or that a child has died of abuse or neglect, MUST immediately report their suspicions to a law enforcement agency or the Texas Department of Human Services, Child Protective Services (Texas Family Code 261.101). Failure to report suspected child abuse or neglect, or making a false or malicious report of child abuse or neglect, are criminal offenses that may be punished by fine, imprisonment or both. A person who makes a report of child abuse or neglect in good faith, without malice, or who collaborates in the investigation of child abuse or neglect is immune from civil or criminal liability (Texas Family Code 261.106). 
Reports of child abuse or neglect are confidential and may be used only for purposes consistent with the investigation. If you suspect child abuse or neglect, contact Campus Police at 281-476-9128 or 5555 from a campus phone, Child Protective Services at 1-800-252-5400 or online The Texas Abuse Hotline website, or other appropriate agency to provide your statement and information.