San Jacinto College has some essential functions that must remain operational during an emergency or incident. Critical infrastructure components to the college’s function, such as campus security, facilities services and information technology services are critical needs that may be rendered inoperable by a serious enough incident. Therefore, if a failure occurs, continuity and recovery plans must be developed to assure prompt restoration of services. In order to maintain continuity, the College has developed the ride-out team process. The ride-out teams will remain on campus working, when safely possible, to ensure that critical infrastructure components remain operational during an incident.

This guide will lay the framework for departments during a ride-out incident. The guide assists departments with implementing the proper procedures necessary to include the specifics of reporting locations, responsibilities of individuals, operational procedures, roles, training requirements, and needed supplies and materials.

**Ride out team guide**

**Ride out team roster**

**Ride out team check-in**

**Ride out team supplies**

**Ride Out Team Go Bag Checklist**

**Emergency Preparedness Supplies Checklist**

**Sit-Rep Form**

**Pre-Storm Checklist**