Hurricane Preparedness

San Jacinto College is prone to impacts from tropical storms and hurricanes. This Hurricane Planning Guide provides guidelines and establishes protocols for an organized response to a hurricane. It address pre-storm preparation and post-storm recovery as well as management of the campus during a storm. The timing and implementation of any or all steps may be altered based upon facts and circumstances surrounding any individual hurricane event.

The primary objectives of the plan are as follows:

  • Ensure the safety and protection of faculty, staff, students, and visitors
  • Mitigate damage and protect college assets
  • Restore business and academic operations as quickly as possible


How to Prepare for a Hurricane 
  • Stay informed and make sure you're signed up for emergency notifications. Know the terms used to describe changing hurricane conditions!
    • What is a Hurricane Advisory vs a Hurricane Watch vs a Hurricane Warning?
  • Plan for evacuation: What will you need to be ready?
    • Identify evacuation routes. Utilize the Texas Department of Transportation's (TxDOT) website to help plan your routes.
    • Find shelters near you.
    • Create an emergency communication plan in case your family or group may be separated.
    • Create a "Go bag" with items you need to take with you.
    • Prepare your car and make sure your tank has enough gas filled up.
  • Gather enough emergency supplies ahead of time for you to stay safe.
    • Stock food items that do not need refrigeration and will last.
    • Don't forget about medical needs, pet needs, critical documents, tools, hygiene, protective gear, and comfort items.
  • Prepare and protect your property.
    • Take steps to protect from impact of high winds and floodwaters.
    • Reinforce or strengthen doors, windows, walls and roofs if you can.
    • Bring loose, lightweight objects inside and trim or remove trees to prevent wind-borne debris.
    • Keep gutters and drains free of debris. 
    • Elevate equipment.
    • Most property insurance policies do not cover flood losses and you may need to purchases separate flood insurance. Talk to your insurance agent about flood insurance. Keep in mind that a policy will take 30 days to go into effect.

How to Prepare for a Hurricane - Full Guide

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