Meet the Facilities Staff


Ron Andell
Director, Facilities Operations
Phone: 281-542-2016
Email: Ron Andell

Mauricio Cortez
District Supervisor, Carpenter / Painter
Phone: 281-478-3616
Email: Mauricio Cortez

John Creech
District Supervisor, Electrical
Phone: 281-542-2007
Email: John Creech

John Haugen
Director, Construction Services
Phone: 832-651-1688
Email: John Haugen

Neal Hickman
Manager, Facilities Operations -South Campus
Phone: 281-929-4659
Email: Neal Hickman

Bryan Jones
Associate Vice Chancellor, Facilities Services
Phone: 281-998-6343
Email: Bryan Jones

David Laws
Manager, Facilities Systems & Energy
Phone: 281-476-1846
Email: David Laws

John Maslonka
Director, Facilities Support Services
Phone: 281-542-2029
Email: John Maslonka

Jay Morris
Manager, Facilities Support Services
Phone: 281-998-2023
Email: Jay Morris

Deborah Paulson
Manager, Minor Projects/FFE/Document Mgmt
Phone: 281-998-6170
Email: Deborah Paulson

William "Bill" Gilbert
District Supervisor, HVAC
Phone: 281-960-2842
Email: William Gilbert

Razaur Rahman
Director, Sustainability & Energy Management 
Phone: 516-322-5183
Email: Razaur Rahman

David Sample
Manager, Facilities Operations -Central, Maritime, Ellington & District Campus
Phone: 281-478-2727
Email: David Sample

Janet Slocum
Manager, Maintenance General Services
Phone: 281-476-2090
Email: Janet Slocum

Billy Smith
District Supervisor, Plumbing
Phone: 281-459-7040
Email: Billy Smith

Charles Smith
Associate Vice Chancellor, Fiscal Initiatives & Capital Projects
Phone: 281-998-6341
Email: Charles Smith

Jeff Tschappatt
District Supervisor, Grounds / Logistics
Phone: 281-478-2747
Email: Jeff Tschappatt

Kenneth Underwood
Manager, Facilities Operations - North and Generation Park Campus
Phone: 281-459-7152
Email: Kenneth Underwood

Updated 08/24/22