Electronic Personnel Action Form (EPAF)

Getting Started:

All of our personnel transactions at the College are completed via Electronic Personnel Action Forms or EPAFs. When there is a change with an employee's job, job location or phone number, or employment status, an EPAF must be submitted to facilitate the change(s). Employees must first complete EPAF training in Cornerstone and then submit an access request form (linked below) in order to access EPAFs.


The query date on the EPAF is the effective date.

Please CHANGE the query date to be the effective date of your transaction to prevent errors.

90 Day Exception EPAFs are no longer in use. If you need to request that your part-time employee work more than the allowed 19.5 hours per week, please email Payroll@sjcd.edu with the employee's name, GID, and the dates in which they will work over the 19.5 hours.

If you need any assistance with an EPAF, please call the HR EPAF support line at x6116 or email DL-HREPAF.


Helpful Links:

Access Request Form


Board Approved Salary Schedules



Training Documents:

EPAF Data Standards

EPAF Approval Categories

Accessing an EPAF

Checking the Status of an EPAF

Approving an EPAF

Setting up a Proxy/Acting as a Proxy to Approve EPAFs

Hire New Part-time Employee (HIRE40, HIRE90, HIRE91, HIRE50, and HIRE51)

Transfer Part-time Staff (TRAN40, TRAN90, and TRAN91)

Reappoint Part-time Staff (RAPT40)

Transfer Full-time Employee to Part-time (TRAN25)

Add Secondary Hourly Job (AJOB15)

Change ORG/Campus Location (CHNG35)

Transfer from PT to Reappoint to FWS (TRAN50)

Change Phone Number ONLY (CHN60)

Change Address ONLY (CHNG60)

Change Address AND Phone Number (CHNG60)

Full-time to Part-time Transfer (TRAN25)

Terminate Job and Employment (TERM10)