We provide customized team development services and resources that can strengthen teams and improve collaboration, performance and impact at San Jacinto College.  Whether your team is going through a particular challenge, or wants to make the leap from good to great, the OTD staff is here to assist you.




Organizational Consultation

Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure improvements can increase the productivity and effectiveness of the team. These improvements include: roles and responsibility clarification, workload analysis to reduce gaps and redundancies, and redesign of reporting relationships.

Direction Setting

We can assist you in aligning team members around strategic goals and annual priorities. This includes direction setting, which is the foundation for achieving results within your team. Direction setting includes: helping work groups and teams develop a mission and vision for their teams, setting team goals, and chartering teams.


Individual/Team Assessments 

The OTD staff is experienced in administering a variety of assessments that give individuals and teams insights into their culture, work environment, relationships, communication styles, conflict styles, and thinking preferences.

We will work with you to discuss your needs and objectives and help you pick the right assessment to achieve your team goals.


Team Building Resources and Retreats

Every team experiences challenges in achieving goals. Do you need consultation and/or resources about a particular team development issue or topic? We can help. We also offer retreats that focus on the needs of your area or department, including:

  • Maximizing Team Strengths
  • Customer Focus
  • Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
  • San Jac Values

These interactive programs can range from one hour to two days depending on your need, and will use a variety of assessments and exercises to identify the strengths and challenges facing the team, and provide potential solutions.

For details, please read our Team Retreat Guidelines.
To request a team retreat, please complete the Proposal for Team Retreat.
After your retreat, please complete a Team Retreat Summary.


Upward Feedback for Leaders

​Our staff can facilitate an interactive session with your team designed to gather feedback about your leadership impact and perceptions about your style. The process takes about 1 to 2 hours and is intended to generate self-awareness. Requests for an upward feedback session may be requested by you, or by your supervisor.


For More Information

Please contact Ron Sanchez, VP Organizational & Talent Development, at ronald.sanchez@sjcd.edu or 281-998-6369.