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What we do

The purpose of the San Jacinto College external relations department is to communicate the story of San Jacinto College through graphic design, Web content, advertising, publications, public relations, events, and other communications and media. The department has numerous responsibilities that serve faculty, staff, students, and the entire San Jacinto College community.



Responsible for the content and creation of all College advertising. This includes print advertising, television and radio commercials, outdoor billboards, digital and interactive, and social media advertising. All College and departmental advertising requests must come through this office.

For assistance with marketing your department, event, or program, contact: 
Janet Cowey, 281-991-2603, janet.cowey@sjcd.edu


Business Cards / Name Tags

Employee business cards and stationery can be ordered online through the College e-store.

Name tags can be ordered directly from Gulf Coast Trophies with a P-card.

Contact: Mary Hind, 281-459-5421, mary.hind@sjcd.edu
Website: www.sanjac.edu/marketing-forms



Department staff coordinates public relations events such as official legislative visits, press conferences, formal presentations, and Foundation gatherings. Staff also creates and distributes materials associated with these events and activities.

Contact: Kris Thompson, 281-998-6180, kristine.thompson@sjcd.edu


Government Affairs

The department represents the College through government relations with national, state, and local elected officials.

Contact: Teri Crawford, 281-998-6151, teri.crawford@sjcd.edu


Internal Communications

The department creates, designs, and publishes a number of materials targeted to the internal San Jacinto College community, including employee news, crisis communications, and the Watercooler, an online publication designed for faculty and staff. Employees are encouraged to submit news to the Watercooler, and subscribe to the RSS feed to receive news in their inbox as it happens.

Email: watercooler@sjcd.edu, or Neesha Hosein, neesha.hosein@sjcd.edu
Website: www.sanjac.edu/watercooler



The department is responsible for documenting important events and distributing photography to be used in news stories, newsletters, on the website, and in other publications. The department will only accommodate essential photography requests, per the approved College Photography Procedures.

Contact: Amanda Fenwick, 281-998-6160, amanda.fenwick@sjcd.edu


Promotional Items / Apparel / Awards

The department assists with the ordering of promotional items, awards, and apparel.

Contact: Mary Hind, 281-459-5421, mary.hind@sjcd.edu
Website: www.sanjac.edu/marketing-forms


Public Relations

The department staff works closely with local, state and national media on San Jacinto College stories. These include articles and features covering athletics, academic and technical programs, student and faculty success, student success initiatives and crisis communications. Visit the San Jacinto College online newsroom (click on the red “Meet the Staff” link on the bottom right) to find out which public relations team member to contact.

Vice President: Amanda Fenwick, 281-998-6160, amanda.fenwick@sjcd.edu

Director, Public Relations and Marketing Communications: Jacquelynn Conger, 281-998-6139, jacquelynn.conger@sjcd.edu

Senior Communications Project Coordinator: Courtney Morris, 281-998-6323, courtney.morris@sjcd.edu

Internal Communications Coordinator: Neesha Hosein, 281-998-6191, neesha.hosein@sjcd.edu

External Communications Coordinator: Melissa Trevizo, 281-998-2616, melissa.trevizo@sjcd.edu

Website: www.sanjac.edu/newsroom


Public Information Requests

The department receives and responds to public information requests made to the College through the Public Information Act. All requests must be addressed to the Public Information Officer in order to trigger an obligation under the Public Information Act.

Contact: Teri Crawford, 281-998-6151, teri.crawford@sjcd.edu
Copy: Eva Lux, 281-998-6152, SJC.TPIARequest@sjcd.edu



SJC AlertMe

Providing a safe and secure environment for our students, faculty and staff is a top priority at San Jacinto College. SJC AlertMe will contact members of the College community through email (the official form of communication in a crisis situation), voice and text messages to those who have opted in, should an emergency situation arise.

You must sign up and opt-in to receive voice and/or text messages: www.sanjac.edu/alert-me
Emergencies: ext. 5555 (from a Campus phone) | 281-476-9128 (from a cell phone)


Social Media

The department is responsible for creating, maintaining, and monitoring the College’s main social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube. Social media guidelines for faculty and staff are available on the website. If you are interested in creating a social media presence, please review the guidelines before contacting the digital media coordinator.

Contact: Lauren Lowe, 281-998-6345, lauren.lowe@sjcd.edu
Website: www.sanjac.edu/social-media


Website Content

The department creates, edits, and publishes content for the College’s website, including department and campus organization web pages.

Contact: Mary Hind, 281-459-5421, mary.hind@sjcd.edu
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