San Jacinto College has a long and rich history of athletic success, which has brought international exposure to the College and local community. Like many community and four-year college athletic programs, San Jacinto College has a history of producing professional and Olympic athletes. With this in mind, a “voice” and “persona” of the San Jacinto College athletic brand is necessary in order to effectively communicate our message to our various audiences – students, student-athletes, and prospective students; coaching staffs and dedicated faculty; donors and sponsors; a fiercely loyal and committed alumni; and the public at large.

Here is a list of approved athletics logos for San Jacinto College and how they should be used. These logos should be used for athletics purposes only.

Please do not use the logos with academic, business, official or legal communications. For those applications, use the primary San Jacinto College logo.



Color Palettes

San Jac Sports Ligature

The San Jac ligature has been created as part of the San Jacinto College athletics logo system.

Again, the relationship of these elements is unique and should be used consistently. Using standard fonts will not accurately reproduce the typography. Please use electronic files or camera-ready artwork supplied by the marketing department when using the ligatures.

athletic ligature blue gold

athletic ligatures

Incorrect Athletics Logo Usage

The following are examples of inappropriate usage of the San Jacinto College athletics logos.

The logos should be reproduced exactly as it appears in supplied digital files.

Consistent use of the logos is key to maintaining a cohesive and effective graphic identity for the College. If the athletics logos appear in a variety of altered or modified forms, the logos become less reliable as symbols of the College.

If you see the athletics logos in an unapproved, modified form or have a question about usage, please contact the marketing office.

Retired Athletics Logos

These are some of the San Jacinto College athletics logos that have been retired. Please refrain from using them on any printed publications or apparel.

If you find any of these logos or any others still in use, please contact the marketing department.