Ordering Awards & Trophies

The following steps are for ordering awards and trophies from the College’s approved vendor, Gulf Coast Trophies. The purpose is to ensure a unified marketing presence across San Jacinto College, and to streamline the process between San Jacinto College departments and the vendor.

When ordering awards and trophies, please allow two (2) weeks for the design and production of your items. Please direct any questions to Melissa Fuqua, purchasing buyer, at 281-998-6378 or Melissa.Fuqua@sjcd.edu.

Step 1 – Obtain a Quote

Contact the approved vendor listed below, to obtain a quote on the item(s) you wish to order.

Gulf Coast Trophies
Ms. Taylor Gilcrease
713-473-6969, Ext. 102

Step 2 – Banner Requisition

Next, log into Banner and create a requisition for the amount of the purchase, based on the quote you received. Please use the text below in your requisition (form FOAPOXT – Procurement Text Entry form).

Do not mail PO, send to [requestor's name]
Dept emailing PO to sales@gctawards.com
Region 5 ESC contract 20200501
SJC Contact: [name], [direct phone number or e-mail address] (if other than requisitioner)
Quote # _________ and Delivery Instructions (Campus, Building, Room) _________________

Step 3 – Artwork Approval

The vendor will email you an art proof when you request a quote. It is your responsibility to carefully review the proof, and let the vendor know if you approve. The purchasing department will issue the purchase order to you and you will send it to the vendor.

The vendor will not begin production on any order until a written copy of the purchase order is received. No verbal orders will be accepted.