Employee Guidelines

Please note: The guidelines on this page are intended for employees' personal social media use.

For accounts representing a department or organization within the College, please review the policies for College-affiliated accounts.

San Jacinto College respects the rights of its employees to maintain and interact within the online social media community. Existing policies and guidelines concerning the governance of faculty and staff behavior apply to the College’s social media sites.


Please be aware that you and your social media sites are a reflection of College. In keeping with the College’s value of integrity, we remind all employees to “act in ways which instill confidence and trust” in the online community. Any comments you make online can be linked back to the College, especially if you list San Jacinto College as your employer on social media sites. If you wish to disclose your relationship with San Jacinto College as an employee, we ask that you include the following disclaimer in your profile:

“I am not authorized to speak on behalf of San Jacinto College and the views expressed on this site are mine and do not necessarily reflect those of San Jacinto College.”


Employees should maintain and respect confidentiality at all times. You may be subject to disciplinary action if you disclose confidential or proprietary information about San Jacinto College students, employees, or alumni. Exercise good, ethical judgment and adhere to existing College policies and federal requirements, such as Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). As a general rule, do not post anything regarding the College that you would not present at a conference.

Time and Equipment:

Please respect College time and property by maintaining your personal sites on your own time, using your own equipment. It is appropriate to engage in social media in the workplace only if your involvement is directly related to accomplishing College goals.


In response to concerns, complaints, or information provided by individuals, San Jacinto College administrators may view publicly shared profiles on online social networking sites and use the information contained on these sites in informal or formal College proceedings.