College Mark / Logo

The San Jacinto College logo is the College’s official identification mark and should always appear on all communications. It may not be modified in any way.

The College’s logo has three parts – the symbol (interlocking letters), the wordmark (name), and the tagline. The wordmark is always used with the symbol.

The College’s logo should appear in an official San Jacinto College color (see Color Pallette). Solid black should be used in materials reproduced in black and white or all white for reverses on a dark background.


The tagline should be centered under the wordmark and typeset in Sabon Italic. The College tagline is “Your Goals. Your College.”

Logo Clear Zone

To give the logo the maximum amount of emphasis, a clear zone surrounding the logo must be maintained.

The space is measured by the height of the “C” in College as shown. Space between the symbol and the wordmark is half of the “C” space.

The only element that can intrude on the clear zone is the tagline, campuses, and departments.

Minimum Size

The minimum size the logo can be printed measures 1.5" in length, as shown.

For smaller applications such as a pen, use either the symbol alone or the single-line version of the logo.