Procedure 3-10: Tobacco Use and Smoking

Procedure 3-10: Tobacco Use and Smoking

  1. Introduction

This procedure specifies the guidelines in accordance with Policy VI-KK.:  Policy on Tobacco Use and Smoking.

The San Jacinto College District is a Tobacco-Free and Smoke-Free Institution, with designated areas.  Tobacco use and smoking are prohibited on all property owned, leasing, or controlled by the college as well as all vehicles owned, leased or controlled by the college district, except in designated areas.

  1. Compliance

Effective implementation of Board policy and this guideline relies on the courtesy, respect and cooperation of all members of the college community.  An individual who observes a violation may seek voluntary compliance through an informal request to the alleged offender.

If informal requests for compliance are unsuccessful, the observer of the violation should (i) refer the matter to Safety, Health & Risk Management Office if the offender is an employee or (ii) refer the matter to the Dean of Student Development if the offender is a student.  If the observer is unsure of the identity of the offender, or if the offender is a visitor, the observer may refer the matter to Safety, Health & Risk Management Office.

First-time offenses and repeat offenses may be referred for consideration in accordance with established administrative/disciplinary policies and procedures.  Visitors who decline to comply with this guideline may be instructed to leave college property.

If an individual frequently observes tobacco-use activities in areas not designated for tobacco use, the individual may report the concern to the Safety, Health & Risk Management Office so that the area can be evaluated for additional signs, clean-up, or monitoring.

  1. Designated Areas

The Chancellor will designate tobacco use areas at each campus, district offices, and leased facilities provided that suitable areas are available that satisfy the requirements of Board policy.

The designation of tobacco use and smoking areas are subject to the following restrictions and considerations:

  1. Designated smoking and tobacco-use areas shall be outdoors.
  2. The locations selected, to the greatest extent possible, will be located far enough away from adjacent buildings or structures to minimize air quality concerns relating to those structures. In general, this will require a minimum distance of at least 25 feet from any air intake, gate, entryway, arch or doorway leading to or from adjacent buildings and structures.

The size, placement, and number of designated areas will be at the discretion of the Chancellor.  Designated tobacco use locations are subject to change without notice.

Designated tobacco use locations are shown on campus maps located on the San Jacinto College website.

Individuals may smoke in their personal vehicles provided that the windows are closed and provided that litter and waste products are retained by the user and disposed of at a location other than college property.

Theatrical performances on campus that involve smoking or use of tobacco products will require the advance, written approval of the Safety, Health & Risk Management Office.

  1. Violations

Employees and students are subject to discipline in accordance with established procedures.  Disciplinary considerations include, but are not limited to, the following:  whether the violation occurred indoors or outdoors; whether the violation presented a fire hazard; whether the individual is a repeat offender; whether tobacco or smoking litter was left in the area; whether the individual intentionally exposed an unwilling recipient to smoke; whether no-smoking signage has been tampered with; and whether the offender is cooperative and accepts responsibility for the violation.   

Students who work at the college are subject to discipline under the student code of conduct or under the College’s personnel policies, depending on the nature of the violation and proposed discipline.  Discipline that affects the student’s educational opportunities, such as the right to attend class, shall be handled in accordance with the student code of conduct.

  1. Communication  

Signs will be posted in appropriate locations indicating that San Jacinto College is a tobacco-free and smoke-free institution except in designated areas.  Information regarding the tobacco use and smoking policy will be posted on the College website.

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 Tobacco Use and Smoking



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  July 7, 2014

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 February 3, 1992

 June 6, 2005

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 August 15, 2014

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