Policy VI-KK: Tobacco Use and Smoking

Policy VI-KK: Policy on Tobacco Use and Smoking


The San Jacinto College District is a Tobacco Free and Smoke Free Institution, except in designated areas. Tobacco use and smoking are prohibited in all buildings and vehicles owned or controlled by the college district, except as may be authorized by this policy.

This policy applies to all employees, students, visitors, volunteers, contractors, and vendors. This policy also applies to individuals and groups that rent or lease college facilities for private events.


“Smoking” means inhaling, exhaling, burning, vaporizing, using any form of tobacco (synthetic or other plant-based substances), using liquid nicotine, or using electronic devices.

“Tobacco Products” means all forms of tobacco and nicotine-delivery devices, including, but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes, and electronic and smokeless tobacco products, including liquid nicotine and chewing tobacco. This definition does not apply to smoking cessation items such as chewing gum, patches, or medication.

“College Property” means property, whether indoors or outdoors, located within the State of Texas that is owned, operated, leased, occupied, or controlled by the College. For purposes of the Tobacco-Free and Smoke-Free Policy, this includes but is not limited to all buildings, structures, vehicles, sidewalks, parking lots, walkways, and attached parking structures owned or controlled by the College.

“Members of the College Community” includes employees, students, visitors, volunteers, contractors, and vendors.


The use of tobacco and smoking products is prohibited on all College property and in vehicles owned and leased by the College, except in designated areas.

The sale and advertising of tobacco and smoking products, including electronic smoking or vaporizing devices, is prohibited on all College property.

Littering College property with tobacco-related or smoking-related waste is a violation of this policy.

The Chancellor may designate tobacco use or smoking areas at each campus, district offices, and leased facilities provided that suitable areas are available that comply with the requirements of this policy. The designation of tobacco use and smoking areas are subject to the following restrictions and considerations:

  1. Designated smoking and tobacco-use areas shall be outdoors.
  2. The locations selected, to the greatest extent possible, will be located far enough away from adjacent buildings or structures to minimize air quality concerns relating to those structures. In general, this will require a minimum distance of at least 25 feet from any air intake, gate, entryway, arch or doorway leading to or from adjacent buildings and structures.


Policy #:


Policy Name:

 Policy on Tobacco Use and Smoking



Adopted Date:

 July 7, 2014

Revision/Reviewed Date:

 February 3, 1992; June 6, 2005 and August 5, 2013

Effective Date:

 August 15, 2014

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