Procedure 2-12: Use of College Facilities


College Calendar

The Student Services Office on each campus maintains a college calendar of all activities of the college, whether on-campus or off-campus. The calendar also includes activities scheduled on campus by outside groups or organizations.

Persons wishing to schedule events are to contact the Student Services Office for available dates well in advance of the need.

Rental of College Facilities

The use of college facilities for college-related activities receive first priority in scheduling. However, college facilities are available for non-academic use by members of the college community, as well as individuals and groups from the community at large. There is no charge for facilities used by college-sponsored organizations or for college-sponsored meetings. Rental fees may be reduced for functions that are judged to be of community-wide interest and/or sponsored by a non-profit organization within the college district.

Rental fee schedules and other information are available from the Student Services Office on each campus.


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