Procedure 2-9: Police Emergency

Procedure 2-9: Police Emergency

The college police provide protection to the campuses, parking lots and surrounding streets.

All campus police officers have full law enforcement powers and are certified peace officers in the State of Texas. These officers possess the authority to arrest or issue citations on college property or surrounding streets.

Campus police officers are responsible for public safety. Services include responses to reports of crimes, crime reports, medical emergencies and traffic accidents. In addition, the campus police are responsible for enforcing laws regulating traffic, under age drinking, the use of controlled substances and carrying weapons.

Students and all college employees report potential criminal actions and other emergencies on campus by dialing "5555" from any campus phone; for non-emergencies, college personnel should notify the Campus Police Department using the number listed below:

Emergency Day Time Telephone Numbers
Campus Telephone
North 281-459-7104
Central 281-476-1820
South 281-922-3430

College employees may find additional information concerning evacuation procedures, weather crises, police and fire emergencies, student behavior crises, like suicidal and homicidal conduct, and general emergency procedures in the publication prepared by the college Safety Department entitled "Crisis Procedures".


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