Procedure 4-7: Wellness

Procedure 4-7: Wellness

The College believes that the physical, mental and emotional health of its employees is of the utmost importance and has instituted a district-wide "Wellness Program". All employees and their spouses may participate in a wide variety of offerings including but not limited to CE classes, medical screening, health fairs, exercise/fitness (racquetball, weight training, jogging, swimming, etc.), seminars and picnics. Most classes are offered free of charge and participation encouraged by offering employees one and one-half hours of release time to participate in either group or individual activities held on campus. The employee's supervisor must approve the release time at the beginning of each semester.

More information about wellness activities on a campus may be obtained from the Wellness Coordinator on each campus:

Kory Koehler North Campus 281-459-7157
Kristen Redding Central Campus 281-476-1860
Judy Harrison South Campus 281-998-6150, ext. 3261


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