Emergency Management Plan

The Emergency Management Plan, also known as the EMP, is a district-wide plan that provides the basic framework and outlines how any emergency would be managed should the need arise. It describes the roles, responsibilities and procedures for departments, units, faculty, staff and students during any incident.

This EMP is an “All-Hazards Approach” plan which provides broad guidelines for emergency management with specific emergency management functions. The basic emergency management procedures given here are designed to protect lives and property through an effective use of campus and community resources. Since an incident may happen suddenly and without warning, the procedures in the EMP are designed to be flexible to accommodate contingencies of various types and magnitudes.


Building/Departmental Emergency Action Plan

It is not uncommon for specific buildings and departments to have needs that are unique to them when it comes to emergency planning. The Emergency Action Plan template provides the guidelines in order to help departments develop emergency response procedures tailored to the needs for their building(s). The development of this template was a result of a collaborative effort between the SJC OEM, Safety, Police departments. Please note that if your building houses multiple departments, all departments should be included in the development of your Building Emergency Action Plan. Once the Emergency Action Plan has been drafted, it should be submitted to SJC OEM for review and recommendations. Please keep in mind that the organizational Emergency Management Plan is the minimum standard. The Emergency Action Plan may only exceed the requirements of the organizational Emergency Management Plan and never circumvent its requirements. 

If you need any assistance or are ready for your plan to be reviewed, please contact the Office of Emergency Management.


Emergency Action Plan Template