General Safety Services

The Safety Department offers a variety of services to the college. Below is a brief overview of what we handle in the Safety Department.



Respond to concerns regarding indoor air quality by identifying and removing the source of the issue.
Biological and Hazardous Waste Management

Coordinate disposal of biological, chemical and other hazardous waste generated by the College, and ensure compliance with Federal and State regulations.


Organize annual flu vaccinations and respond to threats from pandemics and communicable diseases such as H1N1 & COVID-19.


Emergency Operations Planning Direct planning for an effective response to emergencies that have the potential to cause significant disruption of the functioning of all or portions of the College.

For more information regarding an Active Shooter Incident Click Here.

Workplace Safety

Analyze and correct potential workplace hazards.

Fire Safety

Manage fire prevention and safety, including preparedness and alarm system testing.

Office Ergonomics

Advise College employees on cost effective ways to modify their workspace in order to prevent or alleviate any possible discomfort.


Manage compliance with the Board’s policy for the Use of College Vehicles.

Risk Management

Workers Compensation

Manage the San Jac Workers Compensation Program, which provides benefits to any employee who suffers a disability through an accident or occupational disease while on the job.

Manage the insurance policies and claims for property, flood, liability, unemployment and workers' compensation.