Emergency Management Drill Philosophy

Why do we conduct drills and why are they important?

Drills are conducted to better prepare San Jac employees, students, and community members for emergencies. Drills allow for the exercising of plans and procedures in a low pressure and learning environment. The goal is to familiarize everyone with the emergency response procedures and what to do in the event of certain emergencies.

Reviewing the completed drills

Reviewing the drill after it is completed is an important part. Identifying areas of concern and areas of improvement helps us fix any gaps present in our procedures and improves our response in an actual emergency.

An After Action Report (AAR) is completed after every drill or exercise and after every incident. It summarizes and notes the events of the drill/incident and any necessary improvements. Surveys and observations are collected during the process as well.

To view available AARs, visit our After Action Reports page.

View survey results from our previous drills below. 

Survey Results

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Emergency response procedures

Emergencies can never be predicted, but proper information and planning can aid in managing and responding to incidents more effectively. Develop a Departmental Emergency Action Plan that lays out your department plan when certain emergencies and incidents occur.

Emergency Response Procedures provide general information on what to do in the event of certain anticipated emergencies.



San Jac OEM will notify employees, students, and community members of upcoming district-wide drills ahead of time. While it may seem drills are spontaneously decided, they are planned in advance. Drill planning takes into account the day and time for participants of the drill, the scenario of the drill, and the objectives to be met from the drill.

To see when future drills will take place and to see events hosted by OEM, check out our OEM Events Calendar.


Scheduling with OEM

If you have any questions about conducting drills or if your department would like to coordinate with OEM for departmental drills, please contact us.