Emergency Response Procedures

Firefighters fighting large fire

The occurrence of an emergency incident can never be predicted, but with proper information and planning, can be managed effectively. This should be used as a practical outline of what to do in the event of certain anticipated emergencies. 

While it would be impossible to provide direction for every possible emergency situation, this guide provides general information on what should be done to help resolve anticipated emergencies. Knowing that unforeseen circumstances could still arise, keep in mind that there are times when a person would have to exercise independent judgment, using their best knowledge and training to help resolve the circumstances surrounding them. Anytime an individual is involved in or witnesses an emergency, they may be required to provide needed information during the reporting and investigation phases. 

Please be prepared to provide any firsthand knowledge you may have of the incident when an officer requests it. Copies of this guide should be kept readily available in printed or digital form for ease of access in an otherwise stressful situation. Should you need assistance or guidance on how to make this guide accessible for your area, do not hesitate to contact the Office of Emergency Management.

An emergency incident is defined as any event that is outside of normal College operations and has the potential of affecting the business functions of the College or the life and safety of the College community.

Before an emergency occurs, know the location of telephones in or near your building and how they may be accessed. Become familiar with the location of emergency phones, fire extinguishers and fire alarm pull stations and know how to use them. The Safety department will be glad to provide training for your department, if needed.  Lastly, note normal use and emergency exits, keeping in mind that your usual exit path may not be accessible during an emergency.  Most importantly have a plan to get out, get help and get safe!


AlertMeEMERGENCY INFORMATION - In the event of a campus emergency, all business operations of the college could possibly be forced to cease and the campus declared either closed, shutdown, or under an evacuation order depending on the type of situation at hand. As soon as feasible after an event occurs, alerts will be made via SJC AlertMe, College website, and other sources as deemed appropriate.


SJCD Police – Campus phones

SJCD Police – Cell phone

SJCD Police – Non-Emergency Number

SJCD Office of Emergency Management

College Safety Office

SJCD Public Information Office

Gulf Coast Community Services Association             
Emergency Assistance for Harris County Residents

Harris County Public Health – Southeast Clinic  
Low or No-Cost Health Services

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

UT Employee Assistance Program  

BlueCross Blue Shield 24/7 Nurseline