Campus Connection is a highlight reel of upcoming events happening on all San Jac campuses. These videos are posted every other Friday to the College’s official Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube accounts.

If you have an event coming up that you’d like to promote, please take note of the submission deadlines and requirements then complete the form below!

Based on the number of submissions, it is possible that your event will not be included in Campus Connection. These segments have a limited run time, so we can only fit a certain number of events in each one. Requests that apply to a broader audience will take precedence. However, we will be encouraging students to view all events on the calendar, so it’s even more vital that your events be posted there!


Questions? Contact:

Lauren Lowe, Digital Media Coordinator | 281-998-6150 x6345

Nate LaValley, Digital Media Producer | 281-998-6150 x6401




If your event will take place

between these dates...

The submission deadline will be:

The video will be published on:

Oct.1 - Oct.14, 2022 Sept. 22, 2022 Sept. 30, 2022
Oct. 15 - Oct. 28, 2022 Oct. 6, 2022 Oct. 14, 2022
Oct. 29 - Nov. 11, 2022 Oct. 20, 2022 Oct. 28, 2022
Nov. 12 - Dec. 2, 2022 Nov. 3, 2022 Nov. 11, 2022
Dec. 3, 2022 - Jan. 6, 2023 Nov. 22, 2022 Dec. 2, 2022
Jan. 7 - Jan. 20, 2023 Dec. 21, 2022 Jan. 6, 2023
Jan. 21 - Feb. 3, 2023 Jan. 12, 2023 Jan. 20, 2023



  • Event must be added to the event calendar, including corresponding links for more info, event registration, Zoom webinars, etc.
  • Anything included in Campus Connection must be an event for current or prospective students, and/or the wider San Jac community. For events exclusive to faculty and staff, please send requests to


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