Register Your Social Media Account


Contact: Lauren Lowe

Digital Media Coordinator

All San Jacinto College-affiliated social media accounts should be registered with the External Relations office to be considered for inclusion in the College’s official social media directory. Registering your account not only gives you added exposure but also access to ongoing updates and assistance.

Registered accounts should follow basic San Jac brand standards. Before registering your account below, please ensure you have read the College’s social media policies for accounts representing a department or organization.

Once we receive your registration request via webform, we will review your profile and either send approval or recommended changes within five business days. Once approved, we will promptly add the account information to the social media directory.

Campus accounts that are registered with External Relations for the social media directory are considered official San Jacinto College social media accounts and are expected to represent the College at all times. Our office will periodically monitor these accounts to ensure they remain reflective of College values and continue to meet the standards referenced in San Jac’s social media guidelines and best practices.