Internal Audit

Mission and Services

The Internal Audit Department is dedicated to improving the operations of San Jacinto College by providing independent and objective reviews of District controls and procedures. Findings and recommendations are reported to the Vice Chancellor of Fiscal Affairs, the Chancellor, and the Board Finance Committee of the Board of Trustees. By monitoring and advising on areas of potential vulnerability, the Department assists everyone in the San Jac community to uphold the highest standards of business conduct.


The Department provides three major services:

Internal Audits
An audit is a detailed review of a department, area or function. The objective and scope of the audit can include:

  • Compliance with policies, laws and regulations;
  • An evaluation of controls designed to prevent and detect errors and to safeguard assets; and/or,
  • An assessment of overall operating efficiency.

The Department conducts an annual risk assessment to identify the major areas within the San Jacinto College District that require audit attention.

Management Advisory Services
Although a department, area or function may not be scheduled for an audit, College managers are welcome to ask for Internal Audit's assistance in reviewing and providing feedback on draft policies and procedures, new product or system proposals, and more.

The Internal Audit Department is also responsible for investigating wrongful or fraudulent acts. Prevention of fraud begins with a commitment by College management to establish and maintain an effective system of controls, and to be aware of risk exposures. What's more, every member of the San Jac community has a responsibility to comply with College policies and procedures, and to report known or suspected fraudulent activity. You can learn more about what constitutes fraud by reading the Frequently Asked Questions. If you believe that fraud is occurring at San Jacinto College, please review the information on the Ethics and Fraud Reporting section or contact the Internal Audit Department.

Internal Audit Charter