Central Administration

Organizational Chart

Laurel Williamson
Deputy Chancellor & College President
Phone: 281-998-6184
Email: laurel.williamson@sjcd.edu

Van A. Wigginton
Phone: 281-542-2000
Email: van.wigginton@sjcd.edu

Joanna Zimmermann
Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Services
Phone: 281-476-1863
Email: joanna.zimmermann@sjcd.edu

Jim Griffin
Associate VC/SVP, CPET
Phone: 281-542-2089
Email: james.griffin@sjcd.edu

Thomas Stang
Director, Petrochemical Technology
Phone: 281-542-2042
Email: thomas.stang@sjcd.edu

Scott Gernander
Dean of Administration
Phone: 281-478-2771
Email: scottr.gernander@sjcd.edu

Kara Kennebrew
Dean, Compliance and Judicial Affairs
Phone: 281-478-2756
Email: kara.kennebrew@sjcd.edu

Kevin R. McKisson
College Registrar/Dean of Records Management
Phone: 281-669-4711
Email: kevin.mckisson@sjcd.edu

Jose DejesusGil
Dean, Enrollment Services
Phone: 281-998-6150, ext. 1068
Email: jose.dejesusgil@sjcd.edu

Rhonda Bell
Dean of Health and Natural Sciences
Phone: 281-476-1858
Email: rhonda.bell@sjcd.edu

James Ragaisis
Dean of Business and Technology
Phone: 281-476-1806
Email: james.ragaisis@sjcd.edu

DeRhonda McWaine
Dean of Liberal Arts
Phone: 281-542-2050
Email: derhonda.mcwaine@sjcd.edu

Deborah Smith
Dean of Student Development
Phone: 281-998-6150, ext. 1012
Email: deborah.smith@sjcd.edu

Tanesha Antoine
Dean of Student Support Services
Phone: 281-922-3453
Email: tanesha.antoine@sjcd.edu

Christopher Crumley
Director of Campus Services
Phone: 281-476-1801
Email: christopher.crumley@sjcd.edu

Priscilla Culver
Director of Dual Credit
Phone: 281-998-6150, ext. 8411 
Email: priscilla.culver@sjcd.edu

Adriana Elizondo
Director of Educational Planning & Counseling
Phone: 281-998-6150, ext. 1018
Email: adriana.elizondo@sjcd.edu

Eddie Weller
Director of Honors Program
Phone: 281-929-4614
Email: eddie.weller@sjcd.edu

Karen Blankenship
Library Director
Phone: 281-476-1850
Email: karen.blankenship@sjcd.edu

Dawn Shedd
Director of Student Success Center
Phone: 281-998-6150, ext. 1619
Email: dawn.shedd@sjcd.edu