Underlying Assumptions

Underlying the College’s Strategic Plan are four assumptions:


The College strives to achieve equity for our students and community. Equity calls for just and fair inclusion in a learning culture in which all can participate, prosper, and reach their full potential. We serve the diverse populations in our community by providing access to quality education that advances our students from all socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. In our decisions, we ask the question: “How does this affect equity and opportunity for our students and our community?”

Collaborative Communication

The College will foster open, transparent, and collaborative communication across the College that will support the mission, vision, and strategic initiatives of the College. Effective and active communication is the responsibility of each employee.

Continuous Improvement

The College will ensure that students have the opportunity to complete their educational goals through continuously improving processes, systems, and programs. The College will constantly adapt to remove barriers and create efficiencies to manage opportunities and challenges.

Continue One-College Alignment

The College operates as a single entity. As such, the College’s campuses, centers, programs, and services demonstrate unity of purpose, standards, and beliefs. All areas and departments of the College are expected to work in a collaborative manner by focusing on providing students with a consistent, quality experience across the entire College. Common policies, procedures, and practices will guide the College as it implements the Strategic Plan.