Dual Credit Resources for Parents

What is Dual Credit?

Dual credit is a form of concurrent enrollment allowing a student to take certain courses at San Jacinto College that earn both college and high school credit.

Typically, students take two courses each semester while in high school. By doing this, students can graduate from high school with 24+ hours of college credit. Additional hours can be earned by taking courses during the summer. Courses taken for dual credit enjoy a 75% discount on tuition and fees.

Courses may also be taken as early admission. Early admission is also a form of concurrent enrollment, but unlike dual credit, these courses only earn college credit and are not eligible for the 75% discount on tuition and fees.


Dual Credit vs. Advanced Placement (AP)

  Advanced Placement (AP) Dual Credit
Description Advanced Placement is a program which offers college-level curricula and exams to high school students, which can potentially earn college credit or placement. Dual Credit allows eligible high school students to earn BOTH high school and college credit by successfully completing an approved San Jacinto College course.
Class/Course Length Academic year  Term/Semester 
Cost $96 per exam

Tuition is reduced by 75%
San Jacinto College waives fees

Credit College credit is granted when students pass AP exams with approved scores designated by individual colleges and universities. Credit for high school and college is awarded when students successfully pass the course.
Higher Education Acceptance Exam score (not final grade) accepted throughout the nation (typically requires a score of 3 or higher, but it varies by institution) Accepted at public colleges and universities in Texas; may transfer out-of-state and/or select private universities
Location High school campus San Jacinto College, high school campus, online and/or hybrid


Tips to be a Successful Student

  • Communication is important.
    • Email your instructor or the dual credit office for assistance.
      • Make sure to always include your G#. 
    • Please read and print the syllabus and calendar to become familiar with the class and important deadlines.
  • Schedule Time for Studying
    • Create a study routine and at least 3 hours per week.



We can’t disclose grades, attendance, or any education records of the student with the parent due to FERPA guidelines. To find out more,  please visit our FERPA page.